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I Bought this new program and it said it can post on my wordpress blog.  Hope it doesn’t do things wrong and make it get banned!

I don’t want commercial stuff on here.  That is not allowed.

If you want to buy something you can go to  where there is a lot of stuff hanging around!



Keep finding these old blogs,

I’m copying the url and putting it in a file so I can find it again. Google did it for me this time. Spring may get here this year, maybe. Last week we had a nice day 84 then the next day it was 48 and raining!
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Cararta’s Facts

Things Change

Living with two cats and three dogs is different from living with two cats, three dogs and a husband.
Gene left on December 30th.
Alone is an indescribable feeling.
The loneliest time is around dinner….even if he was gone all day, food time always found him in his recliner watching TV while I cooked.
The urgency for a scheduled dinner time is gone. After 52 years it is unsettling to NOT have to have dinner at a certain time.
I can eat when I get hungry or not….I choose.