I am 70 years old (young?) live in middle Tennessee on an old farm with barns, a garden and a dogwood tree that has been living here since 1933. Writing this in February and I’ve had enough of winter. Can’t wait for spring so I can mow and dig and plant.


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  1. Now spring, but it RAINS and Rains, no garden, can’t get it plowed! Have some tomatoes in a pot. Update, planted some yellow squash in a pot, made a lot of squash. I never got any of them, plant would have five or six squash about an inch long….then disappear!….We had a lot of Rabbits this year, so I guess they like yellow squash.

    The pot was beside the dog house but I assume Hambone doesn’t work at night. He likes to bite my neighbor Joe so maybe he likes Rabbits!


  2. Funny to read this.
    Now May 7, 2012 a lot of time under the bridge!
    No garden this year.
    Everything grew up because I didn’t mow like I should have last year. Hired someone in March to cut down some of the larger weeds so I can mow with the riding mower.

    Also had some hedges chopped….Hate them, to keep them reasonably neat it is necessary to cut them every two weeks they are a nuisance!
    The Old Dogwood tree doesn’t look so good this year..Guess I need to spray it again…got some kind of beetle in it two years ago and a lot of the bark came off before I sprayed it.



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