Buddy Blogger a Fancy WordPress Plugin Named BloggBuddy

Was invited to get an early copy of a Blogging Buddy (my word for it) real name is Blogg Buddy!

that has just launched and is now being sold.  A Fancy WordPress Plugin is not quite as good  a Name as  The Best WordPress plugin!

Where to use Buddy Blogger aka Blogg Buddy

Since I have several WordPress self hosted sites, I thought it would be very useful to

use when I was creating articles, like I am doing here.

Installed it and used it on a new site, well not really a new site, but an old one that

got run over with Spam comments attached to some Videos I had posted.  Couldn’t figure

out what the problem was, but 86,000 + comments brought the site down.  Even trying

to delete comments and I got a memory function error   Long story, just went into Cpanel

at my host and deleted all the posts and comments.  Cleaned house while I was there so we are starting over!

Take a look  just two posts in place.  LOOK HERE

How Easy is Buddy Blogger aka Blogg Buddy to use?

It is a curious plugin. When you decide what your article is going to be about, take your keyword list and put into Buddy and then some more clicks of what you want and it will go

out and collect links to blogs and news rss feeds that relate to what you are writing about.

I’m finding it much  easier to use for curation than those programs you have to do a ton of  setup on with cron jobs etc.  and often  conflict with other plugins on your site.

I like to do my curation manually anyway, select what I like on a page or post to share and then just give a citation for the original author and website.

Here is what the creator, Brian Oliver says about his plugin Buddy Blogger:

Have You Ever Wanted A Really Fast Way To Harvest Valuable BackLinks, Fresh Content and Traffic?

All you have to do is, choose your keywords, choose your search criteria, and click update!

The plugin will then perform it’s magic and quickly return the most relevant KEYWORD RELATED RESULTS, directly in the WordPress dashboard using advanced Google search techniques.

The Elite and Developer versions of the software will even return important SEO DATA on the results, giving you even more info on the blogs you are targeting!

‘I love my new BloggBuddy’  and I do!

All of this information with the help of one plugin that I upload in Wp-admin and install.  So far it has worked amazingly well.

Take a trip over to the blog I’m working on and check it out!  GO

This is not a link to buy the plugin, there may be a link somewhere on the site, but right now  September 17th. it is still in Launch and some great dime sale prices.
I bought the Developer which is a Launch special bargain.


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