Blogging, How Often Do You Update Your Blog

Do you ever feel like you have so much work to do that you have everything to say and nothing at the same time?

That’s how I’m feeling right now.

I have so much going on right now with re-doing blogs, post titles, programming changes lists and the entire website for

Skipper Works…and so much of it relies on other people that it’s hard to breathe.


Andrew the Cat helping out.
On one hand I’m so happy to not be doing it all myself (because I just couldn’t…I have no clue about coding and design) but on the other it’s so hard to wait for people to get back to me!

So right now is a high stress time and I’m trying to work on keeping my cool.

I’ll let you know if it works.

I took a little blog break because besides doing work, I’ve been spending all my after dinner time cleaning up and going outside with Hambone (who heads for the road in front of the house…what is it with Dogs and Roads?) and the cats.


It’s been so nice out, that we’ve been going for nightly walks around the back garden…which takes about 20 minutes because I stop to pick up a rock or  pull up weeds , greet a bird or watch the rabbits, every other minute.

Nice weather and being outside is better than being inside blogging.

Two weekends ago, we had such a great time in Gainesboro.

I had lunch at the new Irish Pub. Think it is called something like the Bell and Whistle?

It is a new store in place of the Dollar General store that did occupy the site.

I am proud to say they redid the floors in this 100 plus old building so everything is level.

Dollar General always looked like the aftermath of an earth quake with shelves leaning in dizzying directions!

The trip was a quick one, but it was so nice to get out of the house and see something different.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had that kind of good food that I didn’t cook for myself.

I was dreading going home and cooking so I really enjoyed my day out.

I also missed posting about Mother’s Day.

Some people aren’t totally into Mother’s Day, but I can say for one, that I am.

I just love how happy it makes everyone. It’s so nice wishing my friends and other mom’s happy mother’s day.

It’s just a bond that ties moms together. It’s not about the presents, just another reason to celebrate our families…and to celebrate how lucky I am to have a daughter…and a very special mother.

That’s what it’s about.

Other random things:

I am still working on doing a blog make over.

I feel that I can not wait anymore.

It needs it so so bad.

I know everything is so slow. I’m totally in love with this new helper I bought.

It’s wonderful. What it does is allows me to paste in an article I like the looks of and then sit there and rewrite it sentence by sentence in my own words.

I started reading some articles yesterday, but haven’t decided on which ones to use yet.

What is interesting is if the article is from a known expert, it saves me the research time.

I’m not going to dive head first into a whole 100 or so, but use what I have.

I find it all so fascinating.

Change of Subject:

I planted tomatoes in a pot yesterday.

But not like this!  Image

I’ve tried in the past 2 years to also have a garden. It’s failed miserably.

We moved the location so it gets more sun, but I’ve just realized we need a tree cut down so it gets a good amount of sun  daily. I really don’t want it to fail again, so I cut back and just planted somethings in pots.

I am so glad that winter is over.

Got my electric bill…last pricy one for the season.

December through February added together always costs more than the rest of the year!

Actually February is the wattage Hog!

A few years back I discontinue gas heat because we used propane and the price went out of sight.

Installed an electric heat pump along with a tank less electric water heater (it has already paid for its self in use  savings in less than 3 years).

Hope you have enjoyed this ramble all about nothing!

Have a nice week and get some blogging done!


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